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Modular IP-PBX with Built-in Redundancy

DCS IP-PBX series has been designed for medium to large entrperise phone system ranging from 500 up to 5000 users.
Redundancy is built-in feature of the DCS IP-PBX series as all models utilising dual power supply and dual MCU unit. Additionally all telephony interfaces are hot swappable ensuring no down time for the phone system users.

Available Telco Connectivity Interfaces


8 Ports Interface to connect 8 analog end points


8 ports telephony interface to connect 8 PSTN lines

FXS/FXO Interface

This is hybrid interface that provides 4x FXS ports and 4x FXO ports in one card

PRI Card

PRI interface available in two options, 2PRI and 4PRI connectivity

Feature Comparison Table







Max Extensions

Total number of extensions (SIP + FXS)
500 800 1000 2500 5000

Max Concurrent Calls

Maximum concurrent calls

60 100 200 300 300

Interface Slots

Number of available slots to install interface cards

4 4 4 4 10

Maximum PRI ports

Maximum number of PRI ports supported by PBX

2 4 4 16 32

MCU Module

Number of CPU unit on PBX

Dual Dual Dual Dual (Optional) Dual (Optional)

Power Supply

Number of available power supply on PBX

Dual Dual Dual Dual Dual

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