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HoduCC: Call & Contact Centre Software

What is HoduCC Contact Center Software?

“HoduCC” is a comprehensive and consolidated contact center software. It guarantees to provide the best call center software that suits best for all types of call centers. Being one of the top Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions providers across the globe, HoduSoft ensures that this contact center software offers intelligence, security, and advanced features. HoduCC has been designed in a way to make sure that user loyalty is built and the customers’ expectations are accomplished.

Doesn’t matter what your business size is, HoduCC is most affordable Contact Center Software for small businesses as well.

HoduCC allows customer support teams to provide personal, productive phone support within an omnichannel customer journey. Hodusoft helps to growing call center teams to resolve customer issue faster, measure and improve call support operations, and deliver excellent customer experience. With corporate-class call center software execution and consumer-like ease of use, HoduCC comfortably accommodates to the expanding needs of sales and support teams and their end-user, resulting in increased client satisfaction, productivity and cost-effective.


Predective Dialler

Auto Dialler

Remote Agent

Skill Based Routing

Single & Multi Tenant

Web-Based Technology

Automatic Call Distribution

Multi Level IVR

Call Forwarding to Mobile

WebRTC Phone

Realtime Analytics & Reports

Highly Secure

Call Recording

Call Bridging

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