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ISDN Switch Off by end of 2025

With BT Openreach scheduled to discontinue all PSTN and ISDN services by 2025, numerous companies are urgently seeking alternatives to replace their conventional phone systems. Embracing digital communication solutions as a viable substitute for legacy phone systems, the telecommunications provider openly advocates for this transition, prompting many businesses to explore these options.

As a Sangoma Silver Partner, DigitalCom Solutions offers a variety of options to customers, enabling them to find the best solution during this transition.

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ISDN Switch Off 2024


Extend the lifespan of your PBX and phones by incorporating a VoIP gateway, along with a SIP trunk if necessary.
The advantages include avoiding the need for recabling, eliminating the need for phone user retraining, and keeping expenses low.
This option provides an ideal solution with minimal costs, allowing you to add a voice gateway to your existing PBX.


Replace the current on-premise PBX with a comprehensive on-premise UC solution, available as either software or hardware installation.
This option allows for the upgrade of your phone system to leverage the latest features offered by the UC platform, including mobile applications.
It's an ideal solution for businesses with policies mandating on-premise solutions and/or those preferring CapEx investment models.


Replace the installed on-premise PBX with a full featured UC cloud solution; with calls bundled into the monthly cost; can also include phone rental for one monthly bill.

Ideal for businesses that want an OpEx model and need flexibility and scalability; with the benefits and extra functionality, features and productivity a UC solution provides.


This can be a mix of the 3 options above to suit your business, For example; deploy on-premise at HQ & cloud in remote sites, or vice versa.

Or connect a cloud-based UC service to an onpremises appliance, Solutions need to allow seamless interaction and the user should have the same experience, regardless of deployment method.


Using a Vega gateway, you can keep your existing PBX and connect it to a SIP trunking provider. The PBX will not notice the difference and you can save money on your expensive ISDN line rental and call charges.
No need to change any room phones, no recabling required.

What do you need for this option?
  • SIP Trunk
  • Sangoma Vega Gateway


Let Sangoma take care of all the stress of providing a replacement for your ISDN trunks without changing a thing on your PBX. Sangoma’s SIPStation means that you keep all your desk phones and cabling but benefit from lower costs and more flexibility.

This service comes with minutes built in, so you get a predictable monthly bill with no surprises.

No upfront costs means you can get started very quickly – benefit from the cost savings today.

Benefit from using part of Sangoma’s wide portfolio of telecoms products knowing that we’ve got you covered if you ever need anything else.
With UK support and implementation teams available, know that you have the backup your business needs.


Sangoma ISDN Gateway will convert the SIP trunk service to the legacy ISDN PRI and helps the business to continue using the existing PBX without any change in configuration of PBX and phones.

  • VEGA-100G     SIP Trunk to 1x ISDN PRI ports
  • VEGA-200G     SIP Trunk to 2x ISDN PRI ports
  • VEGA-400G     SIP Trunk to 4x ISDN PRI ports


Switchvox can be deployed in multiple ways, each with the same all-inclusive feature set and the same webUI. Simply choose the deployment method that is right for your organisation to get the most out of your communications system.

If you are looking for a hands-off unified communications system that doesn’t require IT staff and fits into an OpEx spending model, choose Switchvox Cloud. Or if you want to bring your own SIP trunks, then choose Switchvox as a Service.

If you prefer complete control, or you must have on premise deployment for compliance such as client data has to be kept locally, a larger user capacity and a CapEx spending model, then Switchvox on a dedicated server is the way to go. If you are already running your business in a virtual environment, Switchvox software will easily fit into your existing infrastructure.


  • Switchvox Cloud is the optimal solution for delivering the best customer service
  • €No onsite hardware to maintain and control
  • €Simplify access to communication tools for sales, support, and agents
  • €IP phone rentals available


  • €With Swtichvox on premise you can maintain full control of your solution
  • Dedicated appliance hardware backed by Sangoma
  • No racks of specialised equipment
  • Online & Onsite supports available
  • IP phone rentals available


Mix of on-premise and cloud solution to suit your business

For example:
  • Maintain existing PBX at HQ
  • Deploy on-premise solutions at specific remote sites
  • Implement cloud solutions in smaller remote sites
  • Or connect a cloud-based UC service to an onpremises appliance, Solutions need to allow seamless interaction and the user should have the same experience, regardless of deployment method.

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