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Call Survey Server

Customer satisfaction survey right after the Agent finished the conversation with the caller

Survey Phone System

Call Survey Server

Call Survey server allows call centres to easily conduct the customer satisfaction survey right after the Agent finished the conversation with the caller.

This add-on being develops as a standard module for FreePBX which makes it easy to install and integrate with the Queue module of FreePBX.
The Survey server can be integrated as standalone solution with any other IP-PBX or Legacy PABX platforms via SIP or ISDN connection.

How it Works?

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Once Post Call Survey module installed and configured, agent will simply hang-up the call and the call will be connected to designated survey.
Module play the survey announcement and capture the caller input and call will be terminated once successful survey capture.
Invalid announcement played if caller selects invalid option and timeout message would be played if caller did not select any entry within 10 seconds after survey announcement.
Survey Server
The Survey list shows all available surveys and provides Edit/Delete and Result option to retrieve reports.
Survey system for FreePBX


The report provides a variety of information per queue and agents based on the selected time frame

Queue Statistics: display average score of queue for selected period
Agent Statistics: display average score of agents for selected period
Entry Statistics: displays the statistics for each option
Detailed: Detailed report per call with link to CDR and call recording (if recording is enabled)
ivr Survey report
Report: Queue Statistics
ivr survey
Report: Agent Statistics
survey phone system
Report: Entry Statistics
cloud survey system
Report: Detailed
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