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Digital Signage for Education

Campus environment can be challenging for new and existing students as well as visitor and staff. Studies shows that Digital Signage is an effective tools to assist everyone within the campus and provide meaningful information where needed the most.
Digital Signage will provide guidelines for new arrivals, latest information about health and safetu measures at campus, news and announcement about upcoming event and social activities, wayfinding tools to locate class and venues and many more
Digital Signage for Education

Digital Signage Applications for University, College and Schools

There are enourmous ways that Digital Signage can be deployed for your environment and enhance the student, visitor and staff experience at education envronment.
Digital Signage for Education: Wayfinding Kiosk
Wayfinding Kiosks
Help everyone to find the destination with few clicks using the interactive kiosks around the campus.
Digital Signage for Education: Digital Notice Board
Digital Notice Board
Brodcast all sort of information, latest news, upcoming events, exhibition and sport activities on Digital Signage Displays
Digital Signage for Education: Emergency Alert
Emergency Alerts
Brodcast Emergency Alerts over digital signage network. Digital Signage can be integrated with fire alarm and many other third party systems.

Wayfinding at Campus

  • Allow routes/directions to be customized and simplified for students, staff, and visitors to quickly grasp. Able to edit floor maps for future campus structure modifications.
  • Create handicap/ADA compliant routes throughout any facility requiring the touchscreen interface to be wheelchair friendly and accessible.
  • Improve Efficiency with class and shuttle scheduled directories that provide turn-by-turn directions in a 3D wayfinding overview.
  • Integrate with Google Maps and have a complete Walk/Ride/wayfinding solution- clickable option to find out how fast it would be to walk or how fast riding with the school shuttle service throughout campus
Digital Signage for Education: Wayfinding
Digital Signage for Education: Wayfinding

Class & Meeting directory boards

  • Provide your campus with the capability to quickly give visitors or student’s up-to-date schedules, locations and details of classes and meetings.
  • Intuitive and centralized application for classes, transportation schedules, functions, sporting events, expos, and more.
  • Strategically place interactive kiosks around campus that allow for quick keyword searches by any type of category, mapping, and external webpages

Health & Safety

  • Display guideline and health safety notice over display
  • Provide touch-free hand sanitizer to visitors
Digital Signage for Education: Safety & Health
Digital Signage for Education: LED Display

Corporate Identity & Marketing

  • LED display are next trending displays with the possibility of installation both indoor and outdoor. LED displays widely used to playback most important information to students and public
  • Videowall are eye-catching displays which could be installed at different locatoins of university to display wide range of multi-media contents. The content could be varity of multimedia or even the videowall could be interactive to bring next level of engagement experience to visitors
Digital Signage for Education: Videowall

Live Support and Assistant

  • Virtual Receptionist is next communication tools which can be integrated on campus digital signage, it provides easy and quick video call from the kiosk to the information desk or support centre
  • Integration with the campus elephon system supported
  • Integration with Cisco, Skype for Business, Ms Team and standard VoIP system
Digital Signage for Education: Safety & Health

3rd-Party integration to your back-end management system or data source

Our solution is virtually able to pull data from any source over local network or internet. Additionally we have done integration with popular platforms in education industry to further enhance the experience using our solution.
25Live / CollegeNet
eeting, classroom schedules, and event listing
Sales Pro
Event and conference schedules, class times, and directory listings
Micros Opera
Event schedules and POS sale listing
Razors Edge
Donor listings w/descriptions and scheduled events
Active Directory
Directory listings

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